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TourMega is one of the largest search engines dedicated to tours and activities around the world. We are providing travelers with a powerful tool to search, compare, and book tours so you can spend time enjoying your trips, not planning for them. With over 300,000 tours in 5,000+ cities and over 190+ countries, there is an option all around the world wherever you go. Search your travel destination and start browsing hundreds of exciting things to do in the area.

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All businesses and organizations listed on Painted Circle have signed on to our Inclusivity Commitment.  Below are extra notes about how this business manages inclusivity.  You can find more information about our Inclusivity Commitment here.

Friendly for


People that are not sure what attractions they have around them, now you can check.

Friendly for

Tourists / Non-locals

People staying at a hotel looking for something to do, you will find something anywhere you travel.

Not applicable for

LGBTQ+ Clients / Guests

Friendly for

Families / Kids

There are plenty of safe, fun, and engaging activities that are perfect for the parents and kids to enjoy. Take a look at the thousands of fun family trips you can book.

Friendly for


A wide variety of hiking tours, city walking tours, day trips climbing mountains, you name it!

Friendly for

Adventure Seekers

We offer up many riveting experiences for the ones who like to take risks.

Friendly for

Business Travelers

Going on a small 1 on 1 trip with business partners.

Not applicable for


Accommodations possible for

Clients / Guests with Pets

Tours do allow pets to be brought along but some do not, you will have to see in the description if possible.

Friendly for

Singles / Solo Travelers

There is a lot of tours meant for people traveling the world on their own, and experience attractions by themselves.

Friendly for


Most tours are encouraged to bring along others, you will often be touring with another group as well. Maybe you will get along!

Not applicable for

Mobility Impaired Clients / Guests

Friendly for

Special Needs Clients / Guests

All tours are special needs and disability-friendly.

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Community Impact

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Details about the Community Action Plan:

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