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All over Bali (The Volcano Tours are in Kintamani)

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Expedition Bali Tours

We help international visitors to Bali safely and easily access the islands' most beautiful volcanos & waterfalls through our family-friendly 4x4 tours & transfer vehicles - We are Bali's Volcano & Waterfall specialists, and have been since 2012.

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All businesses and organizations listed on Painted Circle have signed on to our Inclusivity Commitment.  Below are extra notes about how this business manages inclusivity.  You can find more information about our Inclusivity Commitment here.

Caters to


A lot of local businesses in Bali only want international guests. We love local guests as much as our international guests.

Caters to

Tourists / Non-locals

99% of our guests are international tourists. Our guides will try and speak a word or two of your language out of respect, and because they love trying.

Friendly for

LGBTQ+ Clients / Guests

Bali is highly tolerant of this for Indonesia. All of the LGBTQ+ locals come to Bali to live. Personally, we don't see a difference. You're a guest, who cares what gender you love.

Caters to

Families / Kids

All of our tours have families in mind. We don't offer children discounts, however, younger families need a break, so we have everyone 3 years or under, doing our tours for free. Our insurance doesn't cover 3 years old or under. A child 3 or under can sit on the lap of an adult.

Friendly for


We're friendly for backpackers, however the word 'backpacker' is synonymous with 'budget.' We don't do 'budget', we only do "The best.'

Friendly for

Adventure Seekers

We love "day trip" adventure seekers. We get them all the time on our Sunrise Trekking tour. Some request to start from the bottom. They don't want to be driven up to near the top. However, we are not into base jumping or anything like that.

Not applicable for

Business Travelers

Friendly for


Yes.... however, our insurance only covers you up to 70 years of age. We will still accept people over 70, no problem, only, please ensure you have your own travel insurance. Sorry, we can't cover you.

Friendly for

Clients / Guests with Pets

Sure, no problem, as long as they fit in the car. Elephants, Bison... might be difficult. Dogs, Luwaks, sure, why not.

Caters to

Singles / Solo Travelers

Yes, our pricing is geared to cover each tour. If a solo traveller wants to do a tour it's no problem at all. However, find a friend that wants to do the tour with you and save a bundle.

Friendly for


Up to six maximum.

Accommodations possible for

Mobility Impaired Clients / Guests

In most situations, we'll find a way.

Accommodations possible for

Special Needs Clients / Guests

We'll do our best to work with you. We just can't promise anything. If you're determined, so are we. We'll find a way.

Environmental Impact

Is there an Environmental Impact Plan in use:


Status of the Environmental Impact Plan:

Pending / Strategy in development

Details about the Environmental Impact Plan:

We are looking at starting a yearly "Clean Up Day" in alignment with World Clean Up Day. In the order of 12 people over two tours on World Clean Up Day, on a free tour if the guest promises to fill a massive garbage bag full of rubbish on the tour, taken from the tour area. Commencing September 2023.

Actually, let's do this, let's carve it in stone right here and right now.

If you're a Painted Circle member, and you would like to do a tour on World Clean up Day in September on any year, we'll take the first 12 people. Six in the afternoon and six in the morning. Register yourself by emailing me russ@expeditionbali.tours. First in best dressed. We'll supply the vehicle, the tour guide, and the garbage bags. You supply the enthusiasm, a promise to be on the tour, and a promise to fill the garbage bag.

Only available to Painted Circle members. If a fee is requested, it will be fully refunded on the day. The fee is designed to help you manage your integrity to be there on the day.

Community Impact

Is there a Community Action Plan in use:


Details about the Community Action Plan:

We believe in United Nations Global Goal #11 Sustainable Cities & Communities.
150,000 IDR from every guest ticket sold on any volcano tour goes towards the local Kintamani region. This goes towards training local tour guides, building local infrastructure like roads and tourist seating, conservation & land management teaching farmers the latest farming techniques, and hygiene / sanitation practices.

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