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Expedition Bali Tours

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Expedition Bali Tours

About Us

We help international visitors to Bali safely and easily access the islands' most beautiful volcanos & waterfalls through our family-friendly 4x4 tours & transfer vehicles - We are Bali's Volcano & Waterfall specialists, and have been since 2012.

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Expedition Bali Tours

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Option1 - 15% Discount with credit card payment:
Email BEFORE you book online. Show us you're a Painted Circle member. Tell us the tour, and date & time of tour. Get an invoice sent, pay the invoice by credit card and save 15% on every tour we have.

Option 2 - 20% Discount with direct payment:
Email BEFORE you book online. Show us you're a Painted Circle member. Tell us the tour, and date & time of tour. Get an invoice sent, pay the invoice direct to our bank account and save 20% on every tour we have.


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Expedition Bali Tours

is part of the movement

We join Painted Circle in the effort to make travel more inclusive and welcoming for all. We are committed to creating welcoming experiences for all guests, and seek all opportunities to exercise respect and civility. Together with Painted Circle we are taking a stand that travel must be for everyone.

Expedition Bali Tours

Environmental Impact

We're sharing information about our environmental strategy and impact. Here's the status of our environmental plan:

Pending / Strategy in development

We are looking at starting a yearly "Clean Up Day" in alignment with World Clean Up Day. In the order of 12 people over two tours on World Clean Up Day, on a free tour if the guest promises to fill a massive garbage bag full of rubbish on the tour, taken from the tour area. Commencing September 2023.

Actually, let's do this, let's carve it in stone right here and right now.

If you're a Painted Circle member, and you would like to do a tour on World Clean up Day in September on any year, we'll take the first 12 people. Six in the afternoon and six in the morning. Register yourself by emailing me First in best dressed. We'll supply the vehicle, the tour guide, and the garbage bags. You supply the enthusiasm, a promise to be on the tour, and a promise to fill the garbage bag.

Only available to Painted Circle members. If a fee is requested, it will be fully refunded on the day. The fee is designed to help you manage your integrity to be there on the day.

Expedition Bali Tours

Social Impact Strategy

We have a strategy in place for having a positive impact on our community.

We believe in United Nations Global Goal #11 Sustainable Cities & Communities.
150,000 IDR from every guest ticket sold on any volcano tour goes towards the local Kintamani region. This goes towards training local tour guides, building local infrastructure like roads and tourist seating, conservation & land management teaching farmers the latest farming techniques, and hygiene / sanitation practices.

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