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Great Barrier Reef

Majestic Whale Encounters | Great Barrier Reef



Majestic Whale Encounters | Great Barrier Reef

About Us

We are an eco conscious company whose sole purpose for since 2013 has been to take our guests on a journey to swim with whales in beautiful locations like Tonga, Tahiti, Norway and more for an experience of a lifetime that few people will ever have the chance to encounter.

Our mission is to protect the world's oceans and all that's in it. We believe if you love the ocean it will love you back. We aim to run our trips with maximum interaction and minimal impact and we feel very honoured to share this incredible experience with like minded people.

As soon as you decide to join this epic journey, we are here for you every step of the way. We pride ourselves on a high level of customer service, You can feel free to email us or call us with as many questions as you like.

Besides a truly unforgettable trip, you will also make friends for life!

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Majestic Whale Encounters | Great Barrier Reef

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Majestic Whale Encounters | Great Barrier Reef

is part of the movement

We join Painted Circle in the effort to make travel more inclusive and welcoming for all. We are committed to creating welcoming experiences for all guests, and seek all opportunities to exercise respect and civility. Together with Painted Circle we are taking a stand that travel must be for everyone.

Majestic Whale Encounters | Great Barrier Reef

Environmental Impact

We're sharing information about our environmental strategy and impact. Here's the status of our environmental plan:

Partially-integrated environmental impact plan in use

Travelling with an eco-friendly and responsible travel company such as Majestic Whale Encounters can ensure positive changes on animal welfare, social and community welfare and sustainable development... amongst other environmental advantages.

At Majestic Whale Encounters, our mission is to protect the environment and all the beautiful creatures in our world. We want to convey our message to as many people as possible so that they may also find the ability to connect to these amazing animals.
Responsible Whale Watching and swimming means that we as tour operators have a goal to respect, protect and conserve the Whales, Dolphins and marine environment.
“Maximum experience and observation with Minimum impact”
All of our staff and suppliers are trained in this and adhere to these rules and regulations respecting the animals at all times.

Majestic Whale Encounters | Great Barrier Reef

Social Impact Strategy

We have a strategy in place for having a positive impact on our community.

We have a community contribution project which we are very passionate about and it is a part of each tour that Majestic offers.
There is more to travel than just experiencing nature in all its glory. Many of these amazing destinations are located in some of the world's poorest countries and eco tourism helps these countries in their efforts to save and preserve their land and oceans through organisations that aim to save our planet. Going on a trip to some of the world's most remote and untouched corners puts money into the local economy and helps preserve these pristine landscapes. Adventure travelers the world over are needed to support these initiatives with their tourism dollars.

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