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MharoKhet is a celebration of plants, at the fields and at its tables; a happy space for nature, farming and food enthusiasts. Based out of Jodhpur, MharoKhet allows you to experience forty-acres of farmland, taking you through the journey from farm to plate. The produce includes a variety of a hundred crops—indigenous, native and exotic. But above all, MharoKhet engages with the local community and is a responsible-farming enterprise managed and enriched by women.

MharoKhet’s aim is to share with you how different fruits and vegetables are grown, and how fresh produce can be innovatively presented into delicious and nutritious plates. MharoKhet seeks to educate, inform, and inspire you and not merely showcase some ecological credentials. From immersive walking tours to pre-plated, multi-course, plant-forward dining, the team has devotedly curated farm experiences that marry the pastoral with luxury and are beyond the everyday experiences that you will relish.

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Environmental Impact

We're sharing information about our environmental strategy and impact. Here's the status of our environmental plan:

Full environmental impact plan in use

Conserving water and its effective usage, restoring soil fertility and improving soil health, building a zero waste operations facility and overall, creating larger awareness by growing our own produce as well as promoting eating local are the major facets in our environment impact plan.

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