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Kathmandu, Nepal

Lazimpat, Thamel

Mystik Mountains Adventures and Holidays

Small Business

Locally-owned, Staff-owned, Minority-owned

Treks to the Himalayas-including Everest, Annapurna and other off beat places; Cultural trips combined with nature exploration; Unique and Immersive Experiences through our extensive travel experiences and inside Knowledge, Meet and interact with local market and people, ancient Himalayan salt traders and way of life, trying hands on local culinary skills, learn about its origin, produce.
Visit the artist, painter and hear their story, red panda spotting, snow leopard, exploring the ancient palaces and plazas with historian
Safari trip with expert zoologist
Stargazing, watch the sky from the Himalaya
interacting with monks, eat , pray and stay at buddhist monastery
Private chef during the trek
Wellness and vegan trip
Visit to social enterprise, how they are making changes in grassroots development
Off beat destination

Kathmandu, Nepal

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