Mystik Mountains Adventures and Holidays

Mystik Mountains Adventures and Holidays

Small Business

Locally-owned, Staff-owned, Minority-owned

Inclusivity Commitment

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Lazimpat, Thamel

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Mystik Mountains Adventures and Holidays

Our company offers trips that are sustainable, immersive, engaging, and also supports the local communities of the Himalayas. So if you are looking to travel to make a difference in the way we travel and support a cause to contribute to local communities we can plan your lifetime experience trip in Nepal. We create unique experiences that allow you to connect with local communities, people and places while supporting socially responsible and purposeful travel. Whether you’re seeking adventure, leisure holidays, volunteering, cultural tours, spiritual well-being we will work with you and design your holiday. We provide unparalleled customization so you get the best experiences.

Key Products & Services

Treks to the Himalayas-including Everest, Annapurna and other off beat places; Cultural trips combined with nature exploration; Unique and Immersive Experiences through our extensive travel experiences and inside Knowledge, Meet and interact with local market and people, ancient Himalayan salt traders and way of life, trying hands on local culinary skills, learn about its origin, produce.
Visit the artist, painter and hear their story, red panda spotting, snow leopard, exploring the ancient palaces and plazas with historian
Safari trip with expert zoologist
Stargazing, watch the sky from the Himalaya
interacting with monks, eat , pray and stay at buddhist monastery
Private chef during the trek
Wellness and vegan trip
Visit to social enterprise, how they are making changes in grassroots development
Off beat destination



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Environmental Impact

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Details about the Environmental Impact Plan:

We respect different cultures, religions , language , custom and traditions of the local communities where we organize our trips
We employ local staff from local communities; this will directly create local employment and support local economy.
As most of our trips are authentic , we encourage our clients to interact with the local communities to understand better .
We have fair employment practices and fair wage of our employee.
We encourage our clients to purchase from local markets and social enterprises to support local economy and services.
We don’t support child labor in any of the areas, trips and office we work.
We support women and indigenous people equality. We give priority to women and indigenous community people to work with us in terms of employment, support those enterprise for empowerment.
We support Animal right and oppose any sort of animal cruelty. We don’t do trips that directly harm animal for e.g Our trips doesn’t involve animal rides etc.

Community Impact

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Details about the Community Action Plan:

We are a socially responsible ethical local tour operator; all our trips connect with local communities, people and places while supporting socially responsible and purposeful travel. Our core value is to positively change the life of the mountain people and help them transform into a prosperous and happy community. We're changing the way travel impacts local communities. We engage and support local community projects to improve Education, Health, Community tourism, Agriculture, Trail Building and Tourism Infrastructure Development.
Rural Empowerment and Development initiative Nepal (READI Nepal)- Every time you travel with us we give 10% to this organization. This partially pays for the education of 82 underprivileged children.
Great Himalaya Trail Nepal Alliance - We contribute regularly to this alliance, so we can get more people employed in tourism as a trek guide.

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