Chasing Street Art

Chasing Street Art

Medium-size Business

Woman-owned, Locally-owned, Family-owned

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Chasing Street Art

ChasingStreetArt provides personalized boutique tours that adhere to the principles of sustainable travel. Currently these tours are offered in Morocco and Tunisia.

Key Products & Services

foody tours, cooking class, hammam and massage, dinner with a show, tea with artist, visit the behind scene of making the walls, visit the art galleries, visit the festival of jidar and sbaghabagha.



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All businesses and organizations listed on Painted Circle have signed on to our Inclusivity Commitment.  Below are extra notes about how this business manages inclusivity.  You can find more information about our Inclusivity Commitment here.

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Our offers include visits to the artist at their home and have a tea.

Friendly for

Tourists / Non-locals

We help visitors to discover the country through the art and street art.

Friendly for

LGBTQ+ Clients / Guests

We welcome all LGBTQ clients. ChasingStreetArt does not discriminate in any way. We provide welcoming facilities, guides and activities.

Friendly for

Families / Kids

Our offerings include a class for children to start painting and know the basics of street art.

Friendly for


Friendly for

Adventure Seekers

Friendly for

Business Travelers

We provide day tours that introduce the business traveler to the contemporary culture of Morocco. Clients will be led to think and talk about the cultural messages in the street art being viewed.

Friendly for


Our activities are well-suited for those at various activity levels. Contact us if you need extra help or are limited with mobility or ability to walk.

Friendly for

Clients / Guests with Pets

Friendly for

Singles / Solo Travelers

Friendly for


Not applicable for

Mobility Impaired Clients / Guests

Friendly for

Special Needs Clients / Guests

Please contact us with special needs or requests to see if we can accommodate you and make your visit special.

Environmental Impact

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Full environmental impact plan in use

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We care about the environment and manage the impact for the environment during our trip by offering stays at ecolodge hotels and Riads.

Community Impact

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Details about the Community Action Plan:

We see our tours as a way of sharing our culture and community with guests from around the world. Art is a profound way of understanding cultures and communities, and a window for everyone to express their way of thinking and living. We think it’s important that our tours go beyond the expected historical narratives and monuments and examine culture from a unique perspective.

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