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Cedric's Paris

We are a small group of brothers and friends, all locals and bilingual (French & English), and we have been sharing our love for Paris with our passengers for over ten years now. Whether it is your first time in Paris or your 20th, we will customize a special itinerary for you and drive you around in our vintage convertible cars. See you soon!

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Paris, private tours, car tours, vintage cars, convertible cars, customized itineraries, locals, night tours, day tours



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All businesses and organizations listed on Painted Circle have signed on to our Inclusivity Commitment.  Below are extra notes about how this business manages inclusivity.  You can find more information about our Inclusivity Commitment here.

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Mobility Impaired Clients / Guests

Our vintage cars are not big enough for a wheel chair but we can totally help you get in the car and leave the wheel chair at your hotel.

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Special Needs Clients / Guests

Environmental Impact

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Every year, we plant five trees in my farm, to compensate for driving our cars in the city.

Community Impact

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Details about the Community Action Plan:

For every tour we do, we offer a donation to an "orphans of fire fighter" organization.
Two guys on our team, including myself, are professional firefighters

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