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Serlachius Museums

Are you a lover of art & design, looking for a unique place far from mass-tourism, but still classy? The multi-awarded Serlachius Museums got it: a hidden gem in the middle of nowhere, but still reachable within an hour from Tampere. We offer high-quality service for everyone, national art treasures, intriguing stories, contemporary art exhibitions, stunning architecture and top cuisine in the midst of beautiful lakeside nature. The shuttle bus from Tampere to Art Town Mänttä & Serlachius runs around the year taking you right in the heart of art!

Key Products & Services

We offer guided tours and art workshops at our two museums and in the beautiful surroundings all year round. Guided tours (art, architecture, dramatized history tour, town, nature) are available in English, German, Swedish and Finnish (book in advance). We offer also whole-day packages with guided tours and meals. Would you like to try e.g. our new Art Sauna experience?

You may also visit us independently. The museum's admission fee includes the loan of rowing boats (summertime), bicycles, and Nordic walking poles. Restaurant Gösta serves at the art museum whether you want to enjoy a 4-course meal or a quick cup of coffee. Chef de cuisine Henry Tikkanen appreciates local, high-quality, and seasonal ingredients. A special 3-hour culinary school is also available (book in advance).

If you need a transfer, the Serlachius shuttle bus runs between Tampere and Mänttä on the museums' opening days. Hop on!



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Responsibility of the environment is a matter of the heart for us who work in the Serlachius Museums. We want to look after the environment carefully and sustainably as we treasure our art collection, and are determined and quality oriented as we produce exhibitions serving our customers. Serlachius has gained the international environment certificate ISO14001 and the Sustainable Travel Finland label by Visit Finland.

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The museums have a versatile impact on the economy of the region: museum visitors spend annually millions of Euros on the region’s recreational services, retail as well as accommodation and restaurant services. Serlachius Museums is one of the largest employers in the locality, and purchases from local companies’ services ranging from estate management to exhibition construction.

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