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Join Painted Circle's

Hotel Affiliate Program

Add an extra revenue stream by connecting your guests to high-quality experiences in your community... and beyond!

Our affiliate program is about sharing economic uplift.

We are growing a community of travel businesses that care deeply about guest experience and impact. We don't work like traditional mass-market travel sites. Instead, we offer a collective of travel experiences enhanced by our Radius membership program. By joining Painted Circle's affiliate program, you can earn money from us whenever you connect your audience to our membership program.

Why you should join Painted Circle's Affiliate Program

Don't take another booking without helping your guests explore your community (and beyond) in an ethical way. Painted Circle was founded to be an alternative to mass-market travel sites. We are built by tour operators, and built for sharing great value with travelers who care about impact and meaningful experiences. Our affiliate program lets you and your property be part of this important mission.

Hotel Receptionist

Earn 15% on every membership you connect

Turn booking confirmations and reminders into revenue generators simply by connecting your guests to Painted Circle's Radius program.   

Feel good about what you are promoting

Painted Circle is reinventing how travelers find travel experiences - we don't extract fees from local communities.

Support a nonprofit

Increase your own commission to 17% by linking to a nonprofit - they will also receive 10% as a donation from us! 

Cookies are for eating. Period.

Your earnings are tracked with a unique coupon we will share with you - that means no cookie expiration, no scary tracking, and an easier way for you to share value with your guests.

How it works

Fill out a super-quick online form

We just need to get the basics from you to get started. Just sign up for a free Painted Circle account, then fill out the Partner Onboarding Form (the link is at the top and bottom of this page).


We will send you a shareable coupon code

Your coupon code will give your audience a 10% discount on our membership. Share your code on your social feeds, automated emails, booking confirmations, newsletters, mention it at bingo night... Whenever a membership is purchased with your coupon, you will earn 15% (17% if you've linked to a nonprofit).


Support your local community

As a hub in your community, you can help us connect with great experience providers and attractions in your area - adding more value for guests and more ways your community can connect directly with visitors.


Simple, automated ways to earn.

You have flexibility to share Painted Circle with your guests however you want. Here are the top ways hotels earn from our program:

Website banners and badges

Let visitors to your site know that you aren't just a property - you are part of promoting impactful tourism. Painted Circle is about connecting travelers with high-quality experiences in an ethical way. We will give you free graphics you can use to show that you are part of this important mission.

Booking confirmations

Every booking confirmation and automated email you send to your guests is an opportunity to earn a commission by sharing your coupon for a Painted Circle membership. You will be helping connect tyour guests to great value while also building an extra revenue stream for your business.

Newsletters, social media, and remarketing

Keep earning from our affiliate program as you stay in touch with your past guests. Seasonal newsletters, social posts, and remarketing emails are a great way to not only earn from our affiliate program, but also to keep showcasing your commitment to ethical tourism.


Inclusion is more than just talk for us

Painted Circle is a proudly LGBT+ founded business.  While we all have different journeys in life, we identify with the need we all feel for inclusion, and the power we create when we embrace diversity.


The travel industry, while typically forward-looking, still struggles with delivering true equity.  The reality is that not everyone feels welcome when they travel, and many who could benefit from starting travel businesses are not equally supported within the existing tourism ecosystem.


We feel that equity can be built through collaboration.  Our decision to work without sales commissions is not just a gimmick - we feel it is how we can welcome a more diverse range of travel providers and unique voices into our platform.  It's also how we think we can help more traveler money stay local, stay with hard-working founders, and better benefit communities.  There is strength in community, and we are focused on collaboration rather than financial gatekeeping.

Ready to join the community?
Let's get started!

Getting started as an affiliate takes just a few quick clicks. Join us today as we build a totally new ethical travel ecosystem!

Still have questions?  Lets chat!

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