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Majestic Ladakh

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Inclusion Commitment


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Social Impact Strategy



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Inclusion & Belonging

Community & Local Impact

Memorability & Personal Impact

About us...

Majestic Ladakh is an experiential adventure-based travel company with a combination of soft, leisure, and hard adventure tours in Ladakh,  the Indian Himalayas. We are a team of young experienced professionals with vision, perception, leadership, reputation and consistency. The company's objective is to showcase what unexplored mountains have to offer and provide experiential adventures of the mountain regions to global tourists, we develop more locally curated tours based on locally available products and services, considering the concept of soft, leisure and hard adventure tourism activities professionally. Moreover, we focus on developing and operating more sustainable tourism like a minimal carbon footprint, more utilisation of locally available human resources and valuable ethical workspace, keeping the standards of luxury mountain tourism. 


Activities / Experiences, Itineraries, Services, Trip Planning, Accommodations


We have policies in place to manage our sustainability and environmental impact.

We aim to be as sustainable as possible; however, due to less developed and lack of resources like electric vehicles, we are left with no choice rather than using other fuel vehicles. We use locally grown, available and manufactured sources for all multiday camping services. We say no to plastic, and if any plastic food wrappers are taken back to district waste segregation.


We take steps to have a positive impact on our community.

We help children of the remote community to be met with clients and interact. If clients are happy, then they contribute towards the education and health of children. Eg: sponsoring basic school education.
We voluntarily donate to patients of district hospitals
We ask clients to donate their clothes and equipment to our staff if they are happy with staff service and clients think they can happily donate



Voices from the circle

We  think travelers should be able to hear directly from travel creators, in their voices and in their style. Our podcast is part of our mission to keep travel authentic and diverse by sharing the unscripted voices of real, passionate travel creators around the world.


Charles Odom

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We're part of a community committed to inclusion.

Majestic Ladakh

is part of the movement.

We join Painted Circle in the effort to make travel more inclusive and welcoming for all. We are committed to creating welcoming experiences for all guests, and seek all opportunities to exercise respect and civility. Together with Painted Circle we are taking a stand that travel must be for everyone. You can read more about Painted Circle's work supporting inclusion here.

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