Exploration is for everyone.  We're on a mission to make an experience-rich world welcoming for all.

Inclusion is a guiding light on Painted Circle, and we feel that inclusion must be part of exploration.

We feel that the best chance we have at building a stronger, more resilient, more peaceful, and more prosperous world starts with making everyone free to explore.  Exploration is a fundamental part of education, and when we explore we learn about ourselves, our histories, our abilities, and the empathy, compassion, and wonder that we can have for each other.


When people feel unwelcome, or are made to believe they do not belong, we stop exploring.  We stop learning.  And we deny ourselves our greatest potential.  Painted Circle is here to say get out there, be confident, and explore.

Our Inclusion Commitment

We think commitments should be simple and straight forward.  Our Inclusivity Commitment contains no complicated formulas or fine print - just a commitment to civility and appreciation of guest, visitors, customers, and each other.  We think "labels" and "segments"​ can help us navigate, but inclusion itself is transcendent of categorizations.

The Painted Circle Inclusivity Commitment:

We are committed to operating an inclusive business that values our teams, our clients, and ourselves.  We are committing to treating people who interact with us and our business with civility and dignity.  Inclusion is not a political statement, nor an endorsement of ideas or lifestyles that we may or may not share or support.  Inclusion is, however, an affirmation that good business means doing good and treating all people with respect.  We commit to acknowledge mistakes or oversights, and strive to be better.  We commit to viewing differences among us as opportunities to learn and grow, and embrace that growth as one of life's privileges.  We commit that we are all part of creating a more inclusive, welcoming, and prosperous world.

Find inclusive businesses on Painted Circle

All businesses listed on Painted Circle have signed on to our Inclusivity Commitment.  Additionally, businesses have the opportunity to include extra inclusion and accommodation information on their listings.


Although we think beyond labels, we know labels can help us navigate.  Each business listing includes details on several categories that can help each of us navigate.  You will find everything from how pet-friendly a business is to which can accommodate guests with special needs.  For all categories, businesses mark how they include those guests according to a simple label system:

Friendly for

This indicates that the business will offer a friendly and welcoming atmosphere to these guests.  Most businesses will use the “friendly for” tag for the majority of our categories.  Example: A backpacker-friendly café is still friendly for adventure seekers.

Caters to

A business will use the “caters to” tag when it’s one of their primary focus areas to work for these guests.  While this may not be their only clientele, this is a primary focus of their business.  Example:  A mountain bike outfitter caters to adventure seekers.

Accommodations possible

Businesses will use this label when the category does not describe their typical guest, but where accommodations may be possible to accommodate their needs.  We recommend reaching out to these companies before your visit if you have special needs.  Example:  A bike tour company may have accommodation options for mobility-unique guests.

Not applicable

Sometimes labels just don’t fit, so we give businesses the opportunity to make it clear.  If in doubt, reach out to a business to seek additional advice.  Example:  A bar is not applicable to guests with kids.

Remember, all businesses have signed on to our Inclusivity Commitment.  These scores will help you know more about picking the right partner for your next adventure.

What to expect when exploring

Each place you visit and each person you encounter will be a unique experience, and that’s part of the joy of exploration.  Painted Circle is to help you make the most of the experience and make a positive impact when you explore.


Businesses listed on Painted Circle have made a commitment to inclusion, and many have also made positive steps towards monitoring and controlling their environmental impact, as well as taken proactive steps at being a positive factor in their communities.  Are all businesses listed on Painted Circle perfect?  Well, we don’t believe in perfection.  We do, however, believe in supporting businesses that want to work towards a better world.  The businesses you will find on Painted Circle want your business, they want your input, and they want to take part in our mission.


We hope you will get out and explore near home, and wherever your adventures take you.


Exploration is for everyone.

Start your next adventure here.

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