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Answers to Frequently-asked Questions

Find answers to frequently-asked questions, and more

General Questions

What is the purpose of Painted Circle?

We built Painted Circle to be a resource for travelers looking for businesses they will want to support, and we do this by letting business put valuable qualitative information about their operations on our platform.  For example, you can find out of a business listed is doing anything to support their community or the environment, and if they have signed our Inclusivity Commitment to be a welcoming business for all.


How is Painted Circle different from other online travel agencies?

You will find the business listings on Painted Circle have more qualitative information than most other online travel sites.  We want you to know about businesses so you can spend your money with those you feel are best, and to also motivate businesses to continue putting effort into important aspects of their operations, such as inclusion and community responsibility.  For businesses we are very different - we don’t take commissions or charge fees for a business to be listed on Painted Circle.  You can find out more about how we operate and the vision driving Painted Circle here.


What is the Inclusivity Commitment?

We feel that helping our world be more inclusive and welcoming is good business, and essential to the wellbeing of everyone.  Our Inclusivity Commitment is aimed at the goal of moving away from labels and division of communities and in support of moving the needle for everyone.  All businesses listed on Painted Circle have signed on to our Inclusivity Commitment and are able to post in their listings how well they are doing.  You can find our full inclusivity statement here.


Should I support a business that says they are just starting or developing their inclusivity, community, or environmental strategies?

We think so.  All businesses listed on Painted Circle can share a self-score of where they are in their development and implementation of inclusivity at their organizations.  We ask business to look at not only how they welcome clients but also recruit, train, and manage their own teams.  We also encourage business to be honest about their progress, as inclusivity is often a journey rather than a constant.  We think it’s vital that businesses who are just starting out on developing an inclusivity strategy get our support so they can see the value and continue striving to be more inclusive.  This is how we add more inclusive businesses to all of our communities.


Is Painted Circle free to use?

Yes.  All the listings on Painted Circle are free to browse.  We then offer two additional ways to participate with Painted Circle.  First, our free memberships will get you a Painted Circle account where you can tap into more info from our team and stay informed about various offers.  From there, you can purchase RADIUS in any of the destinations on our platform.  RADIUS is your way of accessing special offers, discounts, and perks from businesses listed on Painted Circle.


How do I sign up for Painted Circle?

Signing up is easy and free.  Just click here.


What kind of businesses are listed on Painted Circle?

We are focusing on businesses that offer great experiences when traveling, and hope to expand the scope of those listings as we continue to build the Painted Circle platform.


Where is Painted Circle based?

We are based in beautiful Brevard, North Carolina.  Our small team also has contributors in Berlin, Germany.


How do I use Painted Circle?

It’s easy.  When you are planning to travel, head to that city’s listing on Painted Circle to see listings of inclusive businesses, and preview offers that are extended to our members.  If you want to tap into those offers when you travel, purchase RADIUS for that destination and you will be able to access all the info and instructions on how to redeem those amazing offers.


Is Painted Circle RADIUS free?

RADIUS is a paid upgrade to a free Painted Circle membership.  RADIUS is priced per destination and when purchased is linked to your Painted Circle membership.


How do I use RADIUS?

It’s easy.  Start by signing up for a free Painted Circle membership.  Once you are a member you will be able to purchase RADIUS for any of the destinations on the site.  Select a destination and click on one of the “purchase / buy RADIUS” links or buttons to complete the purchase.  You will then be able to see the redemption instructions for all offers in your purchased destination for one year from the time of purchase.


When should I upgrade to RADIUS and how long do I have access to offers?

RADIUS upgrades are active for one year in each destination you purchase.  The one-year timeframe starts from the time of purchase.  Consider when you will be traveling so that your RADIUS upgrade is still active when you travel to your destination as many businesses will require that you show your RADIUS member status when redeeming an offer.


How do I know what is included with a RADIUS purchase?

When browsing the listings on Painted Circle, look for the “RADIUS Offer Previews” which show you the type of discount or special offer you will get with RADIUS in that destination.  We’ve asked businesses to also let you know in that preview what the average value of the offer is.  On each of our destination pages you will also see a summary of how many businesses in that destination are participating with special offers, the total value of all those offers, and what the average value per offer is.  With this info you will be able to gauge if purchasing RADIUS will be a good investment for your needs.

Does everyone in my family have to pay for RADIUS to use the offers?

No.  You may use the benefits of your RADIUS offers for family traveling with you and joining you on the same booking.


Do offers for business listed ever change?

Yes.  Business may update their offers from time to time.  Some businesses will keep the same offers year round, while others will have seasonal offers.

What if I need a refund for RADIUS?

We hope you will see the value in your one-year access to RADIUS for the city or cites you purchase.  However, we know that there could come the reason to return or refund your purchase.  Refunds may be possible within seven days of purchase.  Please use our contact form to request a refund.  NOTE:  If you have already used your RADIUS access to purchase an offer with a business, you may owe that business extra funds for the fulfillment of your booking.


How do I make bookings for offers I find?

Use Painted Circle to find a business that you want to visit, then with your RADIUS upgrade check out their offer right here on Painted Circle.  The offer details will tell you any instructions to redeem the offer, and in some cases will provide a link to make your booking.  In all cases, your booking will be made directly with the supplier or their merchant of record.  This way you get the best offer, and the business does not have to pay us a fee or commission.


Which businesses are eligible to apply to be listed on Painted Circle?

We are currently accepting business applications for business offering travel-related experiences or services.  We hope to expand our scope to other industries in the future so please stay tuned.  You can also sign up for a Partner Account to stay informed.


Can faith-based businesses be listed on Painted Circle?

Absolutely yes.  There are many wonderful and inclusive businesses that are proudly faith based.  Painted Circle is a place for you to share your business and be part of our Inclusivity Commitment.


How do I include my business on Painted Circle?

Start by signing up for a Partner Account here.  You can then head to your profile page and add your business.  We will take a day or two to review your business and contact you with any next steps.  If you have more questions or would like to schedule a meeting, please click here.


Are there any fees for participation?

Nope.  We have designed Painted Circle to be quite different from other online travel agencies (OTAs), particularly regarding our fee structure -  there isn’t one.  When you list your business you will supply an offer that is extended to Painted Circle RADIUS members.  That offer is to be bookable directly with you.  Find more about listing your business here.


What is required for listing my business on Painted Circle?

All businesses will need to sign on to our Inclusivity Commitment.  Businesses will also need to supply an offer that will be extended to Painted Circle RADIUS members.  We will review your business listing and reach out to you with any questions.  Beyond that, there are no fees or commissions.

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