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Our community is a


Here's what we're doing,
and why.

Lets move past all the BUZZWORDS. We're about real-world action that makes travel more regenerative, inclusive, and meaningful.

So how does Painted Circle do this? We're turning the traditional, extractive online travel site upside down so that it actually works to the benefit of travelers, travel businesses, and communities. We aren't just talking about the problems - we're taking action and building the travel community we all deserve. Here are some of the challenges we are facing, and how we are offering solutions:


Economic extraction & leakage

Traditional travel sites take huge commissions from the bookings we all make. Resellers, also known as "Online Travel Agencies" or OTAs, typically take 25% and more!

This means a big portion of the money we spend on experiences never reaches the tour operator or the local community.

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We don't use commissions.
None. Zilch. Nada.

None of the businesses on Painted Circle pay to be here. They are here because they want to connect with you through our community of purpose-driven travelers.

Painted Circle's business model is not based on taking a cut of others' business. Instead, our RADIUS program gives travelers the choice to access special offers and discounts and supports our mission. It's all about the win/win! 


Not everyone is included

We're glad there is more talk about "inclusion" - but we need substantial, real action to make travel more inclusive and equitable. This applies to both the traveler AND stakeholder side of the industry.

With all the noise, it's difficult find places that are truly embracing inclusion and creating a sense of belonging for their guests. And with others' business models focused on growth, including more people in economic uplift often takes a backseat to profits and receives superficial effort at best.



We make inclusion foundational

All businesses and partners of Painted Circle sign on to our Inclusivity Commitment. What does that actually mean? It means the business you find here want your business and they want YOU, just as you are.

Our circle embraces civility and the essence of travel - that we are here to share and learn with each other. Furthermore, many businesses listed here share the extra steps they take to create welcoming environments for all of their guests.


Traveling responsibly is difficult, and expensive

Everyone talks about traveling responsibly, but its tough to actually make wise, informed choices. Not knowing where our money goes leaves us wondering what we are supporting with our purchases.

Mass-market tourism is something we know has problems, but how do we break free from its dominance? And how can we possibly be more responsible while paying less?



Build with purpose, and build collaboratively

It's tempting to see a profitable business model and want to copy it. But we are travelers, and we are driven by purpose.

By collaborating with industry partners, we can focus on sharing value. We make it possible for you to pay less, all while better supporting the businesses you visit. You can feel good about spending your money at the right places, and that your adventures create positive impact.


We're inviting you to be a change maker,

and join the movement for better travel

Our community is circling up around a vision of more ethical travel. And we want you to join us. Here's how you can use Painted Circle to create positive impact, and save money when you travel with RADIUS - our innovative travel program that we created through collaboration with the businesses you find on Painted Circle.



Sign up for free

Create a free account on Painted Circle. No credit card needed. Just come as you are with your email and a spirit for adventure. You can sign up here.

Connect & share

We're a grassroots community. Help us get the word out to fellow thoughtful travelers and travel businesses - we want to connect with those we can support!

Travel with RADIUS, if it makes sense for you

Most travelers can save big with RADIUS. It's all about discounts and offers crafted by the business you find on Painted Circle.



Saving money and supporting local businesses go hand-in-hand. We created RADIUS by partnering with passionate travel companies who want your business, and who want to share great value and experiences with you.


Hiking Tour in Helsinki, Finland

Save 10% off your booking!


Multi-day Adventure Treks in India

Save 10% off your trip!


Private Tour from Sydney, Australia

Save 10% on your group!


Sidecar Motorcycle Tour of Paris

Save 10% on your adventure!

...and many more...

These are just some of the offers that have been added to Painted Circle RADIUS. Offers are constantly being updated and added as our community grows. There’s no limit to how much you can save. 

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