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You can join for free, or pick a premium membership for added benefits.


Basic Membership

Ready to be part of traveling as a force for good? Seize the opportunity now – join Painted Circle with a free Basic Membership and embark on your next journey with purpose. Say "no" to mass tourism and be part of something better. As a free Basic Member, you can:

  • access our directory of amazing travel providers

  • share your ratings for businesses you know

  • add your testimonials for great experiences


Sign up in seconds and start making your impact today!

Scubadiving Trips




Painted Circle RADIUS Members have access to discounts and special offers at all the businesses in our collection - and our community is growing. Becoming a RADIUS member is a one-time purchase so you can invest in your adventures, not subscriptions.


Discounts & Special Perks

Get better experiences and prices as a RADIUS Member.

Instant, Online Access to Offers

Start viewing and using RADIUS Member offers immediately.

Not a Sneaky Subscription

RADIUS Membership is just a low, one-time fee. No tricks.

Examples of what you can get with RADIUS

Every business on Painted Circle offers you a discount or special when you are a RADIUS Member. Offers are always being added and updated. Here are some examples:


Tour Paris in a Sidecar

RADIUS Members save 15% - that will save you €40 on a booking for two.


Swim with whales in Tahiti

RADIUS Members save hundreds of dollars on this incredible wildlife encounter.

IMGL0596 (1).jpg

Enjoy local wine in Istanbul

RADIUS Members receive a hand-picked bottle of wine as a gift after their tour.

These are just three of the many ways you can use RADIUS to elevate your travels, and our network of great travel providers is growing all the time!

"Our RADIUS Membership is my take on travel – it's about doing things collaboratively, running a travel business with a conscience, and finding that sweet spot between adventure and purpose. 'RADIUS' is a reflection of our values."


Charles Odom

Founder of Painted Circle

Pick Your RADIUS Option

You will have immediate access to special offers at all businesses on Painted Circle. If you don't already have a free account on Painted Circle don't worry - we will prompt you to create your free account and it just takes a couple seconds.


1-Year RADIUS Membership

One-time purchase, no subscriptions. Immediate online access to offers for one year.


Spiral Waves

Lifetime RADIUS Membership

One-time purchase, no expiration. Immediate online access to offers.


Still have questions?

Check out this video from our founder, Charles. He walks through how you can get better travel deals with RADIUS compared to using mass-market websites, and how it's also better for the businesses and places you visit...

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