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Painted Circle

Sole Proprietor

Family-owned, Staff-owned

Inclusivity Commitment


We offer a commission-free marketing platform for tour and activity businesses. Create a free listing for your business today!

Advertising, IT, Other

Painted Circle is a travel ecosystem that brings travelers, travel businesses, and communities into one platform. Together, we are making it possible for travelers to connect directly with activity and experience operators without the traditional fees and commissions. By working with operators on the ground, we are using shared value to build direct sales and help keep more revenue local to power economic support for local communities.

Our business model is based on value and choice. Rather than charge travel business a commission, we link special offers for their products to our membership plans on Painted Circle. Travelers can then decide to browse our site for free, or purchase a membership to access special offers from participating travel businesses. When we sell memberships, we direct a portion of all proceeds to nonprofits working to strengthen communities.

Languages supported:

English, German

Business sizes supported:

Sole Proprietorships, Family Businesses, Small Businesses, Medium-sized Businesses, Nonprofits, Large Businesses, Social Enterprises

Business stages supported:

Launch / Establishment, Growth Phase, Scaling / Expansion

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All businesses and organizations listed on Painted Circle have signed on to our Inclusivity Commitment here.

All businesses that participate with Painted Circle join our Inclusivity Commitment. It's our way of making sure a warm and welcoming atmosphere is created for every traveler, and we let business speak to their inclusivity efforts in their free listings on By joining Painted Circle and being part of our ecosystem, we are working together to support diversity and inclusion, and are proactive at helping the transformative power of travel to reach more people.

Charles Odom


Thank you so much for finding Painted Circle! I've worked in travel since 2008 and have personally seen the transformative power that tourism can create for individuals, businesses, and communities. But our industry has challenges that we can turn to opportunities - opportunities to have a more ethical business model for connecting travelers with experiences, and straight-forward ways we can support communities to build sustainable and regenerative tourism environments.

This is a very personal project that is being independently funded. We are not working for investors - we are working to build a platform where we can all benefit. Thank you for joining us and for being along for this important adventure.

Environmental Impact

Is there an Environmental Impact Plan in use:


Details about the Environmental Impact Plan:

We are currently evaluating the best way to measure and quantify our environmental impact as an online business that is in its launch phase. We will update our listing once we are able to have a definitive plan of how we are incorporating both impact and offsetting into our environmental strategy.

Social Impact

Is there a Social Impact Plan in use:


Details about the Social Impact Plan:

Our business model is based on keeping money local. Therefore, we do not take sales commission when travelers book with any of the businesses they find on our site. As a result, those businesses earn direct bookings and keep all revenue for their own reinvestment or investment in their communities. Painted Circle also contributes a portion of it's proceeds to nonprofits, prioritizing contributions to organizations that focus on social justice, education, and environmental protection.

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