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Rachel Story

Sole Proprietor


Inclusivity Commitment


Helping Travel & Hospitality Industry professionals feel more confident and level up their career by advancing their English communication skills.


Hi! I'm Rachel and I'm a professional Business English & Communication Coach and full-time traveling digital nomad from the USA. I moved to China to start teaching English and fell in love with the thrill of immersing myself in other countries and experiencing them as a local. It's the dedicated professionals working in the Travel and Hospitality Industry who make it possible for me to bring my dreams of travel to life, which is why I want to help! If you feel like your English is very basic, you struggle to express your ideas clearly and lose confidence when you have to speak English with clients, in meetings, and on calls, and you know your pronunciation, vocabulary, and grammar could be better if only you would commit to improving them, then please book a free strategy session! I can help you significantly improve your English communication skills, use correct pronunciation and vocabulary with certainty, and eliminate any doubt so you can speak up in any situation.

Languages supported:


Business sizes supported:

Sole Proprietorships, Family Businesses, Small Businesses, Medium-sized Businesses, Social Enterprises, Nonprofits, Large Businesses

Business stages supported:

Pre-launch, Launch / Establishment, Growth Phase, Scaling / Expansion

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All businesses and organizations listed on Painted Circle have signed on to our Inclusivity Commitment here.

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