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Our Vision

We think exploration and discovery belong to everyone.


And we feel that the more we explore, the better we can make our world.  Painted Circle is committed to being an ethical travel ecosystem by bringing together those who explore, those who offer services, and those in the community who are making our world better.

Explore Our Vision

Our Name

The ideals of togetherness, completeness, connectivity, and inclusion meet movement, vibrance, diversity, and exploration as the inspiration for Painted Circle.

We view our world as a Painted Circle.  A planet of a multitude of people and cultures, adventures and experiences.  Painted by all of its diversity, a circle because of our eternal connectedness.  The Painted Circle platform is tribute to that nature around us and the condition of life that we are able to impact.


Inspired by ensō

Our name is also a nod to the ensō, a traditional Zen hand-drawn circular form found in Japanese ink writing that symbolizes enlightenment.  In its simplicity we see its strength and wisdom.  When drawing the circular ensō, we discover balance, perfection, openness, and fluidity.  It’s more than a design - it is a freeing process of discovery and creation.

Painted Circle


Members of the Painted Circle can purchase RADIUS for any of our destinations.  On our circle, the radius is a symbolic geometric term.  More than just a connection from any point on the circle to its center, the combination of another radius allows any two points on the circle to be connected.  We view this as part of our vision, connecting travelers to the places they want to go and added experiences when they arrive.  Meeting in the middle on special offers and promotions is a core component of Painted Circle RADIUS.

Living our vision with three core elements

Turning vision into reality takes effort, team work, and focus.  Setting out to build a more ethical travel and exploration platform we identified the core fundamentals of our mission, and we stay true to them as we build and grow Painted Circle.

# 1


Explore and experience

Whether near or far, we want to help you explore.  It starts with the confidence that you are finding businesses that are worthy of your support and who value you as guests and customers.


All businesses listed on Painted Circle have signed our Inclusivity Commitment in affirmation that exploration is for everyone, and that all are welcome and will be treated with respect.  We also give businesses the opportunity to describe how they create a welcoming environment, as well as steps they are taking to have a positive impact on the environment and their communities.  If you like “voting with your purchase,” we make it easy to make an informed decision.



Share and support

We are each on a journey, and we feel that sharing along the journey is rewarding and transformative.  Painted Circle is not structured like traditional travel websites or resellers who charge fees or steep commissions to hard-working businesses.


Instead, we work with businesses listed on Painted Circle to craft special offers they can share with you, rather than a commission with us.  Members who upgrade to RADIUS can tap into these offers and receive amazing experiences when they explore, all while supporting the businesses that offer their services.



Have purpose, and make the world a better place

We are often told to “vote with our dollar.”  It’s never been easier.  With our ethical approach to working with businesses commission-free, we help you to tap into great offers from worthy businesses all while supporting them with your purchase.  It’s a win-win.


And when you upgrade to RADIUS, Painted Circle donates 10% of proceeds to nonprofits that are working to make our world a better place.  We also partner with nonprofits and other charitable organizations for fundraising opportunities.  We love running a successful company, and helping others every step along the way.

Join us!

Joining is free, easy, and only take a minute.  Once you are a member, you will be able to preview member offers and upgrade to gain full access. 

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