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Connect travelers to your

multi-location travel brand.

Showcase each of your locations for free, with the option to build your brand yourself or with our help.

The Painted Circle Brand Builder makes it easy for you to create and connect all of your locations or branches.

Running a multi-location tour company is hard work.  We know - we've been there!

To make it easy to showcase your brand as well as each of your locations, Painted Circle has tools to help brand managers easily create and oversee multiple listings on Painted Circle.  And because we think choice is important, we give you the option to create your listings yourself, with your team, or with our assistance - and each option is, of course, free. 

Simplicity in creating your brand

We can even build out your brand listings for you, for free.

Visibility for each of your locations

Be found in each destination you serve AND be seen as a trusted travel brand.

Oversight of your brand listings

Have a clear way to see each of your listings, and add more as your brand grows.

How it works

Your "brand" works like as an association for all of your listings. With a brand established, you will be able to link existing listings that are part of your brand, or create new listings. And with the power of a brand, you can more easily create additional listings yourself, with your team, or by letting us create for you.

Create your brand - in less than 5 minutes

Fill our a quick form to set up your brand. We are usually able to verify and activate your brand within 24 hours.

Select how you want to build out your individual listings

You can do this yourself, with your team, or with our assistance. Here's a summary of the options:


Best for brands with 2-4 destinations

Build each of your listings yourself. You will be able to enter customized details for each listing and will move at your own pace. Once each location listing is ready, we will be able to review and approve in about 24 hours.

Build with your team

Best for brands of any size where each location is managed locally

Each of your teams (local branches) can sign up and create a listing for their individual location. Using your brand, you will always have visibility on the listings they create and associate with your brand, all while letting each location manage their own listing on Painted Circle. Once a location completes their listing we will be able to review and approve in about 24 hours.

Let us help*

Best for brands with many destinations yet are centrally managed or directed

It's important for us to work with trusted travel brands, and we want to remove the time-consuming and repetitive work of creating multiple listings for your company. We will schedule a short online meeting with you to fully understand your brand, then Painted Circle will get to work creating listings for each of your locations. You will be able to review or edit listings before they go live on Painted Circle. Depending on the number of locations in your brand, we can usually have your listings ready within one to two weeks of our meeting.

*Details on letting us project-manage your brand rollout on Painted Circle

We want to remove barriers for tour operators interested in participating with Painted Circle.  As part of our commitment to inclusion, we appreciate that you may need help in getting your business listing created.  After all, your main focus is likely on running your business and serving your guests.  Before we set up your listings on Painted Circle we will conduct an online meeting with you to better know you and your brand.  Additionally, here are some things to know about how we can help you set up your brand listings:

The first step is yours

While we will do the heavy lifting of creating or duplicating your listings, you must take the first step to sign up and name your brand.  We will never create brands or listings without first having input from you.

Own it

After we assist in creating your listings, you are able to make updates and revisions as needed.  We build listings to be as evergreen as possible, but you must maintain your listing, or reach out to us whenever you need help making updates.

Review before go-live

You will be able to see a draft of your listing before we publish to our open site.  During the review process you will be able to make changes yourself or partner with us to make updates.

Booking systems

We never request access to your booking system or customer data.  Therefore, it is always your responsibility to keep any coupon or promo codes referenced in your listing up-to-date and active.

Keep engaged

We aim to make working with Painted Circle a low-involvement task so you can focus on your business.  But we also value relationships, and expect that you will update your listings when needed.

Let's build together

We want to change travel, and want travel to change the world.  Stick with us, and share feedback and suggestions so we can build that world together.

Get started here.

Once you're ready to set up your brand, just click "start your brand" and we will guide you through everything we need in about 5 minutes.  After we approve your brand (usually within 24 hours) you will be able to link existing listings to your brand, create new listings for your brand, or schedule a call with us to rollout your brand listings for you.

Would you like to meet with us for a meeting to learn more?  Click here to schedule an online meeting.

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