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Community Giving Strategy

Painted Circle is partnered with great nonprofits to help spread the uplift of travel.

You get a discount on Radius, and they get a donation from us!

Here's what you do...

Below is a list of the nonprofits we are currently partnered with. You will see a "coupon code" listed for each one. When you are ready to activate the Radius feature for your Painted Circle account, just use that coupon code when checking out. Remember, activating Radius costs a low one-time fee and you will then have access to discounts at all the businesses on Painted Circle!

No matter which nonprofit's coupon you use, you will save 10% on the Radius activation fee. The nonprofit whose code you use will receive 15% of the activation fee as a donation from Painted Circle!

Education Is A Shield Charitable Trust

Education, Poverty, Development, Environment, Social

Tamariki Education Centre is a ‘private’ Not-For-Profit primary school set up in a underprivileged region on the outskirts of Nairobi in Kenya.

The school was developed with a focus and emphasis on providing quality education for children and families in need.

Radius Coupon Code:


Justice Tourism Foundation

Environment, Development, Diversity, Education, Justice, Equity, Poverty, Social, Special Needs, Allyship

The mission for Justice Tourism Foundation is to build a global community of impact-minded (conscious) travelers who want to move beyond traditional tourism to engage in genuine cross cultural connections and learning opportunities - inspiring compassion towards fellow human beings in a more inclusion minded and deliberate approach.

Radius Coupon Code:


Teens of Color Abroad

Education, Diversity, Equity, Justice, Social

Teens of Color Abroad creates global language learning and cultural exchange programs for high school students of color.

Radius Coupon Code:


Through the Trees

Development, Other, Poverty

Connecting the rural community of Transylvania County through Technology.

Radius Coupon Code:


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