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African Drongo Safaris

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About us...

African Drongo Safaris is a local Zambian owned and operated safari company with expertise in wildlife safaris as well as historical and culture tours both within Livingstone and around southern Africa.

Greetings from Livingstone, home of the Victoria Falls! I'm Martin, the proprietor of African Drongo Safaris. I'm a 2015 Award Winning Safari Guide trained both In Zambia & South Africa and fully-qualified Field Guide / Game Ranger - FGASA. With some good 15-years+ safari experience and fully licensed by the Department Of National Parks & Wildlife - DNPW, I welcome you to Zambia!

As a practical wildlife advocate and keen promoter of sustainable and responsible tourism related activities, I welcome you to explore the various tours and activities I offer guests.


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We have policies in place to manage our sustainability and environmental impact.

Our project's existence is largely based on wildlife - without it we can't be here. Looking at the current increase in human - animal conflicts in our residences, as a community-based local safari project we practically are offering free Outreach Conservation Education Programs with emphasis on school-going children. We believe by teaching these youngsters the importances of friendly coexistence with animals then the future of our wildlife is in safe hands. So far the response is overwhelmingly promising - Yes together we will.


We take steps to have a positive impact on our community.

With the projects founder, Martin, being born in the community and fully understanding the challenges of growing up in the area, we offer free Safari Guide's and other related trainings to local youth passionate about wildlife, especially those coming from vulnerable families that can't afford to pay high college fees. We train them both in theories and practices, then later we help them either set up their own freelancing ventures or get employed in other safari companies. And of course, some remain to work with us! This has proved very effective in improving our fellow young people's lives around the communities we operate from. With your support we look forward to expanding this initiative and help create an even better future for all.



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African Drongo Safaris

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