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Dolkhar Resort

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Inclusion Commitment


Environmental Impact Strategy


Social Impact Strategy



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Inclusion & Belonging

Community & Local Impact

Memorability & Personal Impact

About us...

At Dolkhar, inspired by Ladakh’s people, culture, and traditional values, we have built a boutique hotel that integrates a little piece of Ladakh with the rest of the world while keeping central our values of conscious, sustainable, and contextual travel.
We create spaces that balance the familiarity of comfort with the excitement of embarking on a new journey of discovery.


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We have policies in place to manage our sustainability and environmental impact.

We, at Dolkhar, understand that a building is more than just a structure- it is, in fact, a physical manifestation of our ideas and desires beyond the confines of pure function. We have spent innumerable hours dedicated to consciously creating our seven villas so that they represent Ladakh while holding very closely our ideals of community and sustainability. Structures at Dolkhar are made out of locally sourced materials using local techniques of construction and by local artisans. For instance, we have used the compressed Stabilised Earth Blocks [CSEB] for the building, local willow and poplar wood for the roofs, traditional columns and beams for structural support and we have collaborated with over forty Ladakhi craftspeople from different villages on embellishing the interiors with the use of local materials.


We take steps to have a positive impact on our community.

1) Our laundry bags and notepads have been made from waste by our differently abled friends at "PAGIR" (Peoples Action Group for Inclusion and Rights).
2) Our cushion covers and throws have been made by "Superb Ladakh".
3) As an extension of our love for local and handmade, our rooms are stylistically elevated by the sheep and yak wool rugs hand woven by women from Kharnak, Changtang.
4) Our soaps are locally made from apple/seabukthorn/apricot by "Ladags Organic Store".
5) The bathroom amenities have been custom made for Dolkhar by "Bare Necessities"- a zero waste, non polluting, community driven product and service company.
6) Our toilet paper and napkins- recycled and eco friendly come from GoodKarma.
7) The coffee in our rooms has been customised by "Billi Hu" and is a perfect blend of "Robusta Beans" and two kinds of differently processed Arabica beans. The combination gives the coffee a full robust body and the most lovely acidity.



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We're part of a community committed to inclusion.

Dolkhar Resort

is part of the movement.

We join Painted Circle in the effort to make travel more inclusive and welcoming for all. We are committed to creating welcoming experiences for all guests, and seek all opportunities to exercise respect and civility. Together with Painted Circle we are taking a stand that travel must be for everyone. You can read more about Painted Circle's work supporting inclusion here.

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