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Valley Wine Tours

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About us...

Tour the wineries of the Clare Valley or the Barossa Valley with someone who lives on the country. See gum trees, kangaroos, and vineyards.
These are some of Australia's oldest wine regions, and we show you these places with a local eye for the history and reasons for the quality.
We are local tour guides, and your visit to the Valley's beautiful wineries will leave you with wonderful wines and memories.
Be collected from and returned to your local accommodation, with a maximum of six passengers on any tour.


Activities / Experiences, Services, Attraction


We have policies in place to manage our sustainability and environmental impact.

Our impact on this planet we occupy is real.
At Valley Wine Tours we tell the farming stories to highlight the transitions of areas originally established as farms to feed miners at a giant copper mines. The regions have changed from orchards and tobacco farms to vineyards and dryland cropping. These are still farming regions where families view themselves as custodians, and have altered their products to support viable markets with a focus on sustainability of the land. Clever water use, minimal chemicals, and the recognition of planting crops with the support of nature is how these regions remain modern but keep the feel of farming communities.


We take steps to have a positive impact on our community.

Valley Wine Tours is run by Charles and his partner Julie too.
When not hosting tours we are both involved in operating (and are the instigators of) the Clare Valley Community Kitchen, a safe place where the lonely can meet and have a sense of belonging. It is also developing into a training ground where young families can learn how to cook nourishing food and learn about gardening and recycling. We are supported by many of the community outreach centres and a surprising amount of local businesses.



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We  think travelers should be able to hear directly from travel creators, in their voices and in their style. Our podcast is part of our mission to keep travel authentic and diverse by sharing the unscripted voices of real, passionate travel creators around the world.


Charles Odom

Founder of Painted Circle

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We're part of a community committed to inclusion.

Valley Wine Tours

is part of the movement.

We join Painted Circle in the effort to make travel more inclusive and welcoming for all. We are committed to creating welcoming experiences for all guests, and seek all opportunities to exercise respect and civility. Together with Painted Circle we are taking a stand that travel must be for everyone. You can read more about Painted Circle's work supporting inclusion here.

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