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African Safaris That Are Fueling Local Communities

Denise Carnihan runs Helping Hand African Tours & Safaris - her business connects guests to authentic experiences in Africa.

Denise's journey began with volunteer work in Africa, where she witnessed the amazing efforts transforming lives in Kenya, Tanzania, and Uganda. Her passion led her to start a unique tour business, taking people on eye-opening journeys to showcase these impactful projects.

Tune in to hear her remarkable story, the challenges she overcame, and the joy she found in making a difference. But that's not all – Denise's tour company doesn't just create unforgettable experiences; it's a powerful tool for generating awareness and funding for her latest project: a school for underprivileged kids in the outskirts of Nairobi.

Watch below, or listen on Spotify.

The Painted Circle Podcast is your opportunity to hear directly from travel creators, experts, and innovators. There are many voices in travel and you need to hear directly from them- unscripted, in their words, and in their voice. Our podcast is part of our commitment to bringing diversity to the world of travel, and to help you connect to the amazing people making a positive impact through tourism.


Painted Circle is committed to supporting travel that is good for travelers, good for businesses, and good for our communities. We are firmly against exploitive and extractive practices, and believe that purpose before profits is the foundation for a vibrant and sustainable travel industry. Travelers, as well as travel businesses and nonprofits, can join our community for free.

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