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Our Membership is Built to Align With Our Own Values

Updated: Jun 20, 2023

We think sneaky subscription plans suck. So we built a membership model that can actually help you travel better while also supporting our entire ecosystem.

At Painted Circle, we have reimagined the traditional membership model to align with what we, as travelers ourselves, want to see in the travel industry. Our membership program is built on the foundation of choice, ensuring that travelers have the autonomy to decide how they engage with our platform. It is designed to provide real value, enhancing travel experiences and elevating the way we explore the world. Our transparent approach offers a simple and straightforward way to unlock more from your travels while supporting our ethical travel ecosystem.

Let’s look at how the Painted Circle membership model helps you to elevate your travels while also moving our whole industry forward.

Freedom of Choice Starts with “Free”

At Painted Circle, we firmly believe that travelers should have the freedom to decide how they engage with our platform. By offering a free membership, we give you access to our travel directory and resources. This allows you to explore the site, experience its benefits firsthand, and determine whether our vision aligns with your own.

Value and Perks with our Radius Feature

For travelers seeking additional benefits, Painted Circle provides the option to enable "Radius." This paid feature unlocks travel discounts and special offers at all the businesses in the Painted Circle community. What sets us apart is that these deals are crafted by the various travel businesses present on our platform. By collaborating with these partners, we create unique opportunities that elevate your travel experiences and offer genuine value. And the savings can save you big! Most travelers will recoup their Radius fee with just one or two of the special offers.

Ethical Travel Ecosystem

Painted Circle goes beyond the conventional travel website model by establishing an ethical travel ecosystem. Through our membership program, we encourage travelers to invest in this ecosystem for the long term. By opting for our lifetime membership option, you not only gain access to an array of benefits but also contribute to the sustainability and growth of our platform. This commitment to ethical travel allows us to build stronger relationships with both our members and travel businesses.

Transparency and No Sneaky Subscriptions

While some have said we are missing an opportunity to make more money, we designed our Radius feature to be what we ourselves think is an honest and valuable resource. You can activate Radius for various amounts of time for a one-time activation fee. Most travelers go for our lifetime option because it’s the best value, but for some a shorter time works for them. We remind you if your Radius feature is about to expire, but we don’t automatically renew it - we just feel that the program is so good that you will want to opt in and we don’t need to trick you.

Start Exploring Your Travel Options!

Join our community today for free and explore our directory of awesome travel businesses. You will find unbelievable experiences and be able to connect directly with providers so you can start planning your next adventure.

And if you want to unlock special deals and discounts across our entire platform, consider activating Radius - we offer a one-time lifetime option that can be a HUGE boost to your current and future travels.

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