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We're your alternative to mass-market travel sites.

Painted Circle is an independent travel site created by a community of travel enthusiasts. We're focused on helping you find awesome adventures operated by passionate people. We're not a reseller - instead, we help connect you direct to great travel providers so that you get better deals AND your travel spending stays local...where it matters!

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Supporters of Painted Circle get amazing travel discounts...

Unlock incredible travel perks without the hassle of middlemen or expensive passes. Painted Circle is your gateway to unbeatable deals from top-rated travel providers. Become a supporter with a one-time fee and gain access to a world of special offers from all our partners through our RADIUS Program. Plus, your contribution fuels our mission of promoting ethical travel globally. Here's a glimpse of the extraordinary benefits awaiting you as a supporter:


10-20% off guided tours

You'll find discounts for walking, biking, and other cool guided tours

Safari Sunrise

Save $100s on safaris and multi-day trips

Get great deals experiencing stunning wildlife and amazing cultures

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Thoughtful extras on unique experiences

From wine to home-cooked meals: get more than ordinary mass-market travel

Your biggest perk of becoming a supporter... making a positive impact. At Painted Circle, we believe your travel should make a difference. That's why we don't take fees or commissions from our partners. Instead, they offer amazing special offers for our supporters. By joining us, you're not only getting fantastic deals but also helping keep more money local, supporting communities worldwide. Our supporter fee is a one-time payment, not a subscription. Your travel spending stays between you and the places you visit!

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Thank you for being a supporter of Painted Circle!

Thank you for being a supporter of Painted Circle through our Radius Membership! You'll find discounts and special offers at all the great travel businesses on Painted Circle - just click on a listing and scroll to see details of their special offers for Radius members and how to redeem!

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Read articles about this destination, and destinations around the world - sourced from our community of travelers, travel creators, and the team at Painted Circle.

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Fun on Electric Scooter

Painted Circle is your independent travel guide.

Painted Circle is an alternative to the mass-market travel resellers who are focused more on profits than good travel. We're not the biggest or the flashiest, but we work fundamentally differently so that we feel good about the impact our travels have on the world.


We partner with awesome travel providers to get you meaningful travel deals, not just discounts. Our goal is to help you elevate your adventures while also supporting local providers.


Painted Circle doesn't charge sales commissions or fees to our partners. We think your travel spending should go to the communities you visit.


We're making big efforts to bring diverse voices to our platform. We're not curating, filtering, scripting, or setting the narrative. Travel is about uniqueness and authenticity.

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Some of our values...

Painted Circle is 100% self-funded by our founders who are driven to provide travelers with a more ethical travel platform. These are some of the values we bring to the site:


Everyone must be welcome and empowered to travel. We only partner with travel providers who value inclusion and who work to make sure they are truly open for YOU, just as you are. Read more here.


We think travel is about learning about ourselves and others. We approach new experiences as opportunities to grow closer and stronger, and we see our platform as part of that journey.


Doing things just for money misses the point of doing things that matter. We get the feel-good-factor about what we are doing with Painted Circle, and that's worth more to us than money.


We aren't motivated to copy and paste what others have done. There's a need for a travel site that helps us solve mass-tourism and bland experiences, and that motivates us to work for purpose.


Human connection across cultures is fundamental to building a peaceful world. None of us should be scared of "others." We want to bring people together in ways that help each of us and all of our communities.

Let's make authentic, ethical travel a reality!

"Our platform isn't just a business. It's our opportunity to create real change in travel that can bring us all closer together..."

Hear more about our vision direct from the founder...


More about the Painted Circle platform


Our Mission to Build an Ethical Travel Platform


Empowering Travelers To Be Part Of The Solution To Mass Tourism


Aligning Our Membership Program To Our Values

Hey, travelers!
Add your impact to the circle.

Don't be a bystander! Help our community circle up with more passionate travel companies that you would like to see on the platform!

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