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Travel like it matters.

Painted Circle is the travel site for mindful travelers…built with purpose by travel creators.

Connect to the core of great travel.

Level up your travel experiences all while creating positive impact. Connect directly with remarkable businesses that genuinely care about their purpose, community, and the environment. A walking tour, African safari, a stay in an eco lodge... our membership skips the middlemen and resellers so you get better value and we all keep more money local. Your journey starts here, where every adventure becomes a force for good.

Happy Tourist

Impactful Experiences Series

Off the Eaten Path: A Wild Approach to Food Tourism

Full Belly Foraging is reimagining food tourism, teaching guests not only about amazing flavors but also a more sustainable future of food.

Fun on Electric Scooter
Expeditions India is a leader in adventure and cultural tourism in one of the world most rugged regions.

Adventure Series

Preserving the Thrill: Rafting the Himalayan Ganges

Expeditions India is a leader in adventure and cultural tourism in one of the world most rugged regions.

Friends Hiking

How Painted Circle works

Our free membership welcomes you to our community of mindful travelers and enables you to travel more informed. You then have the option to enable our innovative “Radius” feature that will help you level-up your travel experiences and impact.

Why you should join Painted Circle for free:

Access the travel directory

Find travel companies focused on inclusion, sustainability, and amazing experiences.

View and add ratings

Trust that you are traveling with great companies, and share your own ratings.

Support Local

Connecting with travel on Painted Circle keeps more money local by avoiding resellers.

Level up with RADIUS

Because Painted Circle is built by travel creators, we can offer a truly unique feature allowing you to get discounts and special offers. Activate Radius in your membership to create a 3X win:

  • Get discounts and deals crafted by each business in the circle - it will save you BIG!

  • Your direct booking gives you a better experience and keeps more money local.

  • A portion of your Radius activation fee supports non-profit organizations and our travel community.


Inclusion is fundamental here.

The Painted Circle platform is built by a collaborative effort of travel creators around the world. We speak different languages, practice different religions, and have vastly different cultures. We have built this platform to celebrate diversity and to create a welcoming travel experience for all. And we aren’t just talk - inclusion is baked into the core design of the Painted Circle platform.

Uganda's LGBTQ+ Community needs our help.png

This is a difficult time for LGBTQ+ people in Uganda. But there are ways that we can help.

Find out more...

Let's make authentic, ethical travel a reality!

"Our platform isn't just a business. It's our opportunity to create real change in travel that can bring us all closer together..."

Hear more about our vision direct from the founder...


The latest additions to the circle:


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Travel Max Guide


More about the Painted Circle platform


Our Mission to Build an Ethical Travel Platform


Empowering Travelers To Be Part Of The Solution To Mass Tourism


Aligning Our Membership Program To Our Values

Hey, travelers!
Add your impact to the circle.

Don't be a bystander! Help our community circle up with more passionate travel companies that you would like to see on the platform!

Fun on Electric Scooter
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