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Insider Tour in Berlin Joins Painted Circle

Insider Tour has joined Painted Circle's efforts to reach travelers with an alternative to mass-market travel.


In our work to connect with high-quality tour operators who offer truly memorable experiences, we are thrilled to have partnered with Insider Tour in Berlin! Insider is a top-rated walking tour provider and we are excited that they are now part of the Painted Circle community and our shared mission of making travel a force for good. Insider Tour is partnering with Painted Circle to help connect guests to our platform so they can travel onward in a more sustainable and ethical way.

If you aren't familiar with Painted Circle:

Painted Circle is an alternative to traditional, mass-market travel websites. We are a collective of tour providers and hoteliers around the world who are working together to connect with travelers with experiences in a more ethical and sustainable way. Here are some of our focus areas:

  • Ethical Travel: We prioritize responsible and ethical travel practices.

  • Unique Experiences: Our website helps uncover both top-rated and lesser-known experiences that are high quality and truly memorable.

  • Purpose First: We are a community driven by providing amazing travel experiences, not chasing profits.

  • Keeping Travel Money Local: We help keep travel money local where it supports communities - we don't take sales commissions like mass-market websites.

  • Helping Travelers Get Good Deals: Because we are built by travel providers and don't operate on sales commissions, we can offer better deals and specials to travelers.

Insider Tour in Berlin shares our commitment to doing travel better:

Insider Tour in Berlin isn't just a team of passionate guides; they are storytellers weaving history into every step. From captivating explorations of Third Reich history to navigating the Berlin Wall's remnants, their tours are a journey through time. They also offer excursions to Potsdam, Dresden, and the Sachsenhausen Memorial. Their team of expert guides is well-known in Berlin for providing immersive and insightful experiences that go beyond the ordinary tourist trails.

If you've already had the privilege of experiencing an Insider Tour, share your insights by leaving a rating here. Your testimonials help fellow travelers discover the authentic side of Berlin.

You can join Painted Circle and travel better...

If you are a traveler who cares about finding really great experiences and having a positive impact when you travel, then you need to check out Painted Circle. You can join Painted Circle for free and access our entire directory, leave your ratings, and connect directly with all the travel providers in our community. We also offer a paid membership that will give you special offers and discounts at experiences around the world.


Painted Circle is committed to supporting travel that is good for travelers, good for businesses, and good for our communities. We are firmly against exploitive and extractive practices, and believe that purpose before profits is the foundation for a vibrant and sustainable travel industry. Travelers, as well as travel businesses and nonprofits, can join our community for free. You can learn more about our platform here.

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